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Psychiatry Care Givers Guide

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A caregiver who takes care of a person with a behavioural or mental problem, has a very important role to play in the treatment of that person. A caregiver supports the patient in many ways. The caregiver gives support by motivating him or her to stick to the medication scheme and to consult the physician regularly. Besides this vital assistance, the personal and emotional support of the caregiver to a patient is absolutely invaluable.

As a care giver it becomes very essential to understand the illness to an extent. Knowing and being aware of the illness help in providing proper care the patient requires.

It is advisable for you, as a caregiver, to learn all you can about the condition and its associated difficulties and problems. The more you know, the better you will understand what the person you care for, is going through. Furthermore, you will be able to communicate about the condition with the physician and the patient in a well-informed way. By talking with other people who are in contact with the person you care for, you can help reducing the stigma that is regularly experienced by patients suffering mental problems.

Taking care of someone with a behavioural or mental problem is a heavy job. It is important that you, as a caregiver, try to find some time and care for yourself. If needed, you can talk to your doctor. You can only support someone else, if you feel supported yourself.

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