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Christmas Cards

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Frontside Designs The print on the reverse of all the greeting crads will be like shown below. Frontside designs


There are eight different designs offered which consist of abstract designs and sceneries. An envelope is provided along with each card.

  • We have plain cards in six designs (Flowers – Card No.1, Scenery – Card No.2, Green Abstract – Card No.4, Peacock – Card No.6, Yellow Blue abstract – Card No.7, Yellow Black abstract – Card No.8), i.e. with no text within.
  • Seven of the designs (Flowers – Card No.1, Scenery – Card No. 2, Christmas tree – Card No.3, Green Abstract – Card No.4, Christmas tree with Gifts – Card No.5, Peacock – Card No.6 and Yellow Blue abstract – Card No.7) are available with “Seasons Greetings” printed within.
  • One of the designs (Yellow Black abstract – Card No.8) is available with “Happy New Year” printed within.
  • All the designs are attached for your convenience.
  • Selling price of each card – Rs. 15.00 only

Dear Well-wisher [16.November.2007]

As you may be aware, a severe lack of consciousness regarding mental illness, mental health, and the lack of organised care for mental health needs, exists in India. This lacuna may be attributed to the fact that mental health issues and mental illness remain to be largely ignored by public health departments to policy-makers, to geographical communities to the corporate arena, although significantly prevalent in every mentioned sector of our society.

Mental illness has a huge and very far-reaching impact on the individual, her/his family and their communities. Individuals suffer the distressing symptoms of various disorders and disabilities in addition to the suffering caused by the lack of awareness and sensitivity to the issue. This also often renders such individuals unable to participate in work and leisure activities, often a result of discrimination. They worry about not being able to shoulder their responsibilities towards themselves, their families and their friends, and are fearful of being a burden on others.

In recognition of the current dearth of services and the growing need for a multifaceted approach, which would cater to the gamut of services required for total reintegration, the MANAV Foundation committed itself to The MANAV Rehabilitation Centre for the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed. The aim of this rehabilitation centre is to facilitate maximum reintegration of mentally ill individuals into mainstream society.

One of the many activities undertaken towards this end of complete reintegration is “art and craft”.
The art and craft sessions are carried out at the centre as a part of their therapeutic process. These sessions enable the clients to tap their creative potential and explore artistic freedom in the expression of their emotions and experiences. The products of this process are exhibited at the centre as a source of inspiration for all.

In the course of making clients aware of their potential, the printing of greeting cards for sale from these unique paintings has been undertaken. Apart from the commercial value of this project to the individual clients, which will boost their confidence and help them take their first major step towards economic independence, we hope this venture will go a long way in spreading the word about mental illness and emotional disorders.

Thus we invite you to take a look at the cards, and place an order with us for them. In other words, you have the opportunity to be our partner in ensuring equal opportunity to all regardless of gender, colour, religion and mental capacity.

Do get back to Tina on +91 22 23724889 for any further details you may require in order to make your decision and place your order. Please feel free to visit us whenever convenient to you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,


Meena Mutha Binaifer Jesia Tina Sequeira
Trustee Director Project coordinator