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Dance Therapy

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Dance therapy, for the clients, provides a platform to be themselves without any constraints or restrictions on their movements. In fact, dance synchronizes the movement between mind and body, increasing motor coordination. Another benefit specific to these sessions is the client’s opportunity to establish increasing levels of comfort within themselves, in their own skin.

Recently Manav Rehabilitation Centre has joined hands with Victory Arts foundation to bring dance therapy to the clients of the MRC. Victory Arts foundation, is a non-profit organization, started byShiamak Davar, to spread dance to the mentally and physically challenged. They have centers all around Mumbai, where they deal with students from various backgrounds, with various disabilities.

For the instructor Karuna Iyer personally, “(I) feel that teaching at Manav has been a wonderful experience. I feel that dancing helps the clients in humongous ways. I have noticed that while dancing, they concentrate on several movements at the same time, this helps in improving their co- ordination skills. I feel that dance helps them to be more expressive and imaginative. When they dance, they focus more, so they are free from all their worldly worries. Feel that every class they look forward to learning something new, this enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge grows every class. Through this they learn the art of perseverance and hard work. Truly they stand by the motto - TRY AND TRY AND YOU WILL SUCCEED” - I’m sure they will.”