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Self Defence Therapy

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Mr. Khushveer Engineer facilitates self - defence sessions at the Manav Rehabilitation Centre. According to him, "self - Defence is an approach to self - discovery and awareness about one's own self and sets steps for paving to the way to self - development." It is also a good cardiovascular workout leading to excellent fitness levels, helping the body to distress and harmonize the mind eventually building confidence and an indomitable spirit. He reinstates himself to the clients that self- defence is not about fighting others, but rather about fighting our own ego and other invisible inner enemies within us such as anger, greed, jealousy, selfishness, pride and all the negativity and bad habits, which ultimately lead us to disaster. The self-defence sessions have boosted the clients' confidence as they feel that they are ready to protect themselves better. Also, it has improved their motor confidence, helps them to focus on the task ahead and test their limits. They patiently await the sessions which are held once a week at the centre.

Khushveer Engineer is the Head Instructor of the Combat Tactical Systems. He considers his work with Manav Rehabilitation Centre as his "Heaven - sent mission". Mr. Engineer began his training way back in 1983 and learnt various self-defence systems. He started teaching self-defence system known as HAPKIDO (Way of Co-ordinated Power of the Mind, Body and Spirit).

He adds, "The Art of Self - Defence are not for taking Revenge, but for building good relationships."