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Mrs. Asha Datta has been conducting yoga for the clients of Manav Rehbailitation Centre almost since it’s since. She undertook the program since June 2005 by designing a yoga program according to the clients’ psycho – somatic requirements.

It has been proved over the years of research and practise that yogic practices enrich and enhance the physical, mental and spiritual well – being of a person. Anybody and everybody young or old, healthy or sick, able or disable can practise yoga to one’s own capacity and derive the benefits. Regular Yogic Practises enhance physical and mental capacities to quite an excellent extent.

Here, at Manav the yoga sessions are conducted thrice a week each for chanting of OMKAR and then PRANHARANA for 5 minutes to stabilize body and mind. Muscle toning practises and Joint Relaxation Movements are taken for next 10 minutes as warming up. Different sets of yogic practises are taken up for next 30 minutes which are divided into 4 groups:

Sitting Posture
Standing Posture
Laying down on abdomen Posture
Laying down on back Posture

Different types of Pranayam like breathing technique are practised once a week. The session ends with Chaitan Yasan and concluding OMKAR. Clients’ response is excellent for yoga session; they do all practises very religiously almost to the teacher and their own satisfaction. Almost, all are eager to do the practises with just very little exception.

Almost all clients love Chaitan Yasan, which is a relaxation practise for the body and mind. Enhancement in neuro – muscular co – ordination is very obvious. Perfection and maintenance of the posture are excellent. Overall, evaluation is satisfactory for both clients and the teacher. A personal rapport and attachment is developed within the clients and the teacher.

Mrs. Datta shares her sentiments by adding “I really feel proud and privileged to have the opportunity to share my knowledge for the benefit of the client as well as for the teacher at the time. I wish all of us at Manav would continue to share whatever we can to the best of our capacity.”

Mrs. Datta is a free – lance yoga teacher, counsellor and a therapist with teacher’s training diploma in yoga from Yoga Vidhya Niketan, Dadar in 2004 and a diploma in Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy in 2005 from the same institute. Undertaking individual as well as group teachings, she has also conducted yoga classes at Poddar Hospital for one year for the patient and for nurses and doctors at Bombay Port Trust Hospitals, Recreation Centre, Wadala.